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Help For Single Moms In Texas

Everything may be bigger in Texas, but as most single moms know, one income is not big enough to meet most families’ needs. When the things your kids need cannot be purchased on your income, the state has a few resources you can consider to help make ends meet.

Childcare – Many single moms find it impossible to get a job simply because they do not have anyone to watch their kids. Texas offers childcare subsidy (http://www.twc.state.tx.us/svcs/childcare/) through local Workforce Development Boards for anyone who needs childcare so they can work, attend school, or get training for their job. The assistance is available based on income for children under the age of 13.

Healthcare – Texas offers its low-income families help with paying for healthcare through the state’s Medicaid program. Single moms who do not qualify for Medicaid may want to seek coverage for their children through the Children’s Health Insurance Program (http://www.chipmedicaid.com/). This program covers not only medical care but also dental and eye care.

Food and Supplies – Texas has a goal of helping its families care for themselves, but the government realizes that sometimes a little help is needed. Temporary Assistance for Needy Families (TANF) is an example of a temporary program to help single moms reach self-sufficiency. This program offers cash assistance for a temporary period of time. A one-time TANF of $1,000 is also available for families in crisis. Single moms can also get help through the state’s SNAP food benefit program, which helps them buy healthy food. Moms who are expecting or have children under the age of 5 may be eligible for WIC.

Transportation – For single moms living in one of Texas’s large cities, public transportation is a viable option if they do not have a reliable vehicle. Those living in more rural settings may wish to find someone who is willing to enter into a carpooling agreement in return for gas money.

Rent Assistance – Single moms who worry about keeping a roof over their heads can get help through the state of Texas and HUD. Subsidized apartments, the housing choice voucher program, and public housing options are all available through the government.

College Grants – The Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board wants all Texans, including single moms, to be able to get a college education if they want one. They offer resources (http://www.collegefortexans.com/) to help needy potential students find the financial aid they desire.

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